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  • Area Rug Cleaning
    Rugs must be scrubbed with lots of detergent and water, then water and detergent must be rinse out of the rug.
  • Custom area rug cleaning
    Dry cleaning, steam cleaning are harmful, for the rug and for you
  • Dusting
    Dusting is one of the most important remedies of cleaning an area rug
  • Restoration
    Expert rug weaver and rug restorer can give years of life expediency the and area hand made rug


We had restored and cleaned thousands of area rugs.

When it comes to antique Persian area rug, we really know what we are doing.

Above video clip, Cleaning a 120 years old Persian Serapi.

we used wool cleaning detergent and lots of water, we scrub the rug with rotary cleaning machine, detergent and water to dissolve the dirt, then we rinse the rug with water hose until all dirt and detergent s are out of the area rug. Then it goes through wringer machine
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